Exerzierstrasse 14
13357 Berlin


Shows before Bros Β· a femmes* comedy open mic!
Heute um 19:30
β–Ί You know what Berlin has got a lot of? Comedy open mics! But you know what it hasn't got? One where men people are not allowed on the mic!

πŸ•’ Start: 19.30


You know what Berlin has got a lot of? Comedy open mics! But you know what it hasn't got? One exclusively for femmes*!!!
Sometimes we need our own space cos' we get tired of the bro jokes.

Come find us at your femme-friendly home of be'kech…

*trans women are women and we'd also like to welcome non-binary people too (basically all NOT MEN identifying people) to sign up!! Spots are five minutes long and you can sign up below!

If you've always thought 'I wanna give comedy a try but there's just too many bros around' or 'I'd like to try comedy but I don't know if I want to sign up publicly' then you can show up and I'll squeeze you in, as someone did for me when I first did comedy. And look at me now!! Actually don't look it makes me uncomfortable when people stare at me.

And if you're after a chuckle then come along, we welcome audience members of all the genders!

🍻This event is open to all. We would kindly suggest donations for the hosts and artists. We look forward to seeing you there! Please support our space by ordering a drink or two!

be'kech [anticafΓ© Β· coworking space Β· bar]
Exerzierstr. 14
13357 Berlin- Wedding
(U8 + U9/ Pankstr., Osloer Str.)


Β· Want to present your work at beβ€˜kech, play a gig, host an event, rent the space or just say hi? Email us at booking@bekech.com!

Good Hair - Black Hair! Hosted by Leku Lorna Queenie
26.02 um 19:30
β–Ί Good Hair, Black Hair! A raw panel talk, open to all!
Hosted by Leku Lorna Queenie

Doors: 19.30
Start: 20.00h

// MORE //
From hair discrimination, appropriation to hair routines and β€œtexturism”, why is black hair so controversial within the Afrikan, Afropean communities and the society?

Taking the retrospective views from pre invaded Afrika to today’s natural hair movement, panellists Cassianne Lawrence, Kaleb Coulibaly and Leku Lorna Queenie (moderator) discuss the symbolism of their hair and share their hair stories through light hearted yet deeply personal conversation.

β€œGood Hair, Black Hair!” hopes to evoke relatable stories, discussion, exchange and laughter whilst seeking to understand and narrate the complex story of black people and our hair.

pic by @e_ambursley. -- Eloise Ambursley.

🍻 This event is open to all - donations for the work and labour of the artists & speakers involved are strongly recommended. Please, support the space by ordering a drink or two at the bar.

be'kech [anticafΓ© Β· coworking space Β· bar]
Exerzierstr. 14
13357 Berlin- Wedding
(U8 + U9/ Pankstr., Osloer Str.)

We have no place for sexism, queerphobia, transphobia, any form of racism or discrimination such as anti-Muslim and anti-Jewish racism, and any sort of violent or aggressive behaviour. be'kech is a safe space for all, an open forum for dialogue, criticism and a place where we stand up for each other. If someone/something is bothering you, please approach a member of staff who are here to help!

BIPoC Perspectives on Sustainability and the Climate Crisis
27.02 um 19:00
The climate crisis is more urgent than ever and at the top of political agendas all over the world. The discourse we hear predominantly in Western media is that of protecting the planet for future generations, though many Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) communities are already facing consequences of the climate crisis and have been for decades. Decolonization reminds us of the historical injustices that have led our planet to the state it is currently in. Communities that are least responsible for the climate crisis face a higher and disproportionate degree of the consequences brought about by climate change and global warming. Ironically, many of the sustainable solutions we see being promoted in our capitalist society are things that these BIPOC communities have practiced for generations – land regeneration, zero waste, etc. And disappointingly, international sustainability governance fails to properly include and prioritize the voices of these marginalized communities who are most affected.

As such, this event will make space for BIPoC thoughts, experiences, and understandings when discussing sustainability and the climate crisis. Please note: this event is open to everyone -- it is an evening to hear from activists, researchers and from one another on how BIPoC are navigating the sustainability movement and how to better prioritize the needs of those most affected by the climate crisis.

Please note that only a limited number of tickets are available for free. If you are financially able to make a donation (minimum 1€, suggested 5€) then please do so and save the free tickets for those that may truly need them! THANK YOU xx


+ Tonny Nowshin | Bangladeshi Diaspora Network
+ Karin Louise Hermes | Filipina-German academic, Indigenous rights and climate justice activist
+ Rebecca Abena Kennedy-Asante | BLACK EARTH- BIPoC Environmental & Climate Justice Kollektiv Berlin


19:00 Doors open & Networking

19:30 Welcome & introductions from GreenBuzz

19:40 Speaker 1: Tonny Nowshin

19:55 Speaker 2: Karin Louise Hermes

20:10 Break

20:25 Speaker 3: Rebecca Abena Kennedy-Asante

20:40 Speaker 4: TBC

20:55 Q&A

21:20 Quick Pitches (audience is given 1min to pitch an idea or project to the room)

21:25 Networking

22:00 End


There will be a quickpitch session after the presentations which gives you the opportunity to present your project/organisation/company/idea in 1 minute.

Sign up for your slot here: greenbuzzberlin.de/event/bipocperspectives/

Photo by Unknown

aequa Community Meeting: Outlook 2020
29.02 um 16:00
We have postponed the meeting until end of February at our new event location. We have also extended the time of the meeting to include social hours afterwards.

Please note that we have also extended the application dates for the Advisory Team so you can still apply!


Our first aequa community meeting of the year, to give us the chance to reflect, connect and exchange. We want to update you on current status, gather your feedback and ideas, and share some important announcements.

This is an all-gender meetup, open to everyone with a collaborative, open and respectful mindset.



🌱 Explaining the role of the aequa Advisory Team. You can apply to join the Advisory Team here: airtable.com/shrsOe7OisXt9XkGo

☝️ Your chance to offer feedback on where we are heading

πŸ“† Details on upcoming gatherings and initiatives

🌸 Updates from key partners. If you have a project you'd like to present at the meeting, please contact aequa.team [at] gmail.com

The agenda will be presented in English, with possibility for whisper translation to other languages if needed.



πŸ‘‚ You have heard of aequa and are interested in learning more or getting more involved
πŸ“… You have attended an aequa event before
πŸ’» You are part of our extended digital community
βš–οΈ You care about issues like social equity, intersectional feminism and climate justice β€” or if you are are interested in learning more about these ideas within a supportive community



be'kech is accessed via two (2) internal steps, each approximately 20cm high. The toilets are only accessible by going down a flight of stairs to the lower level.



aequa is a community for social equity. Our vision is an equitable society in which every person can thrive. Our purpose is to activate, empower and connect a diverse, intersectional community β€” and to do so sustainably. We do that by hosting gatherings for folks to exchange resources, tackle shared challenges, and collaborate to create the world we dream of.

Together, we explore both our individual potential and our collective power.



In aequa gatherings, we host and invite people from diverse backgrounds and experiences.

The languages spoken and understood are many and varied. In these spaces, we strive to celebrate our differences and encourage an open, respectful and compassionate mindset. We try to avoid making assumptions about others, or projecting our own opinions as the only valid truth.

If you or anyone around you expresses or experiences discomfort, please let us know. aequa.team [at] gmail.com



aequa has partnered with Trans Feminism International to offer a Get-Home-Safe fund at our events. Participation in events is essential for many of us, but some in our communities are at risk getting to the event or home on public transport. We want to find the safest transport option for all our participants and offer BVG tickets or cash for a taxi or ride-share home for participants who need it. If you would like to make use of this fund, please write aequa a message prior to the event here on Facebook, or via email at hello [at] aequa.cc.

This fund is supported entirely by donations so look out for our Get-Home-Safe Frosch 🐸 at all aequa events, or donations are accepted via paypal to aequa.team [at] gmail.com (add note: "Get Home Safe").