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Anton Kiez
Das silent green Kulturquartier ist ein neuer Veranstaltungsort und ein unabhängiges Projekt, das in den historischen Räumlichkeiten des ehemaligen Krematoriums Wedding eine in Berlin einzigartige Heimat gefunden hat.In privater Trägerschaft versteht sich das 2013 gegründete Kulturquartier als geschützter Raum, in dem gedacht, geforscht und experimentiert werden kann. Die Schwerpunkte der Programmarbeit bilden Musik und Bewegtbildkunst.


Kontraklang: Cubistics
Heute um 20:00
In 2004 at the legendary New York art space The Kitchen, an inaugural exhibition of the MorrowSound True 3D sound system, developed by composer and sound artist Charlie Morrow, was presented. As part of this exhibition, a series of fixed media pieces were commissioned that will be featured in the last Kontraklang evening of 2019, along with two new live trios in MorrowSound. To this end, the spectacular MorrowSound system will be installed in silent green‘s cupola, an architecturally superb space for 360° sound.

MorrowSound makes multidirectional, immersive listening possible in a cube-like speaker formation. It is used in museums and galleries, hospitals, and many other spaces to create dynamic soundscapes. Kontraklang will feature a series of new and historical works for the sound cube together with two trio performances by Miya Masaoka and Lucio Capece/Derek Shirley, who will likewise use the multichannel system with electronics and instruments. Through the evening‘s diverse program, which includes everything from ambient tracks to recorded soundscapes and noisy electronics, the complete palette of the system will be on display.

Lucio Capece and Derek Shirley will present a new version of an autobiographical interview-based piece for electronics and three musicians, which was premiered in summer 2019. Capece is an Argentinian musician who has lived since 2004 in Berlin. He develops sound-space works that play with perceptual experience. Derek Shirley studied jazz bass at McGill University and played with bands such as Zebradonk and The Woodchoppers Association before moving to Berlin in 2001.

The American performer, multi-instrumentalist and composer Miya Masaoka has developed a new two-part piece for the evening entitled Cubistics, which she will perform with Kaffe Matthews and Andrea Parkins. The piece is loosely based on her fixed media piece included in the 2004 Kitchen exhibition, which played with the idea of a giant room-sized koto (Japanese zither). Masaoka studied traditional Japanese music with Suenobu Togi and later experimental music at San Francisco State University and Mills College with Alvin Curran. In the early 1990s she worked with Pharoah Sanders, Wadada Leo Smith, and Henry Kaiser. The British sound artist and composer Kaffe Matthews is known for her intermedia work, including sonified bicycles. The music of New York accordionist Andrea Parkins is influenced by John Cage, Fluxus, musique concrète, and 1970s analog synthesizers.


Charlie Morrow: Alive I was silent and in death do I sing (2004)
Olivia Block : Heaving to (2003)

Lucio Capece, Derek Shirley: Suspending Its Body From Our Shoulders – A Poplar Story (2019, world premiere of the new version) for three performers and electronics

Stephen Vitiello: Cinematic, with crashing roof (2003)
Miya Masaoka: Inner Koto (2003)

Miya Masaoka: Cubistics I (2019, world premiere) for three performers and electronics

Michael J. Schumacher: Still (2003)
Steve McCaffrey: Cappucino (2003)

Miya Masaoka: Cubistics II (2019, world premiere) for three performers and electronics

Miya Masaoka – koto, electronics
Kaffe Matthews – organ, electronics
Andrea Parkins – accordion, objects, electronics

Lucio Capece – clarinet, electronics
Derek Shirley – double bass, cello, electronics
Rishin Singh – trombone, electronics

Supported by: Hauptstadtkulturfonds

Tickets: 10/8 Euro at the door

Hania Rani - Zusatzkonzert - silent green
18.12 um 19:00
ASK HELMUT präsentiert:
Mittwoch, 18.12.2019
hania rani
Silent Green
Einlass: 19 Uhr
Beginn: 20 Uhr


Nach Kooperationen mit Künstlern wie Christian Löffler, tęskno oder Hior Chronik veröffentlichte hania rani in diesem Jahr ihr Solo-Debut "Esja" auf Gondwana Records.

Auf Grund der großen Nachfrage - das Konzert im Roten Salon war binnen kürzester Zeit ausverkauft - wird die polnische Künstlerin am 18.12. im Silent Green ein weiteres Mal auftreten.