Stettiner Straße 19
13357 Berlin
Soldiner Kiez
Theatre space, bar, performance venue in Berlin Wedding in the Pankstraße-Gesundbrunnen area. 800A Berlin is active since March 2017 as a cultural venue, bar and rehearsal space. Home to international acting project . Acting courses, concerts, comedy, live shows and more on a weekly basis.


Fundraising for Mediterranea
25.10 um 19:00
Welcome to the Fundraising evening for Mediterranea, an organization committed to monitoring and saving human lives in the Mediterranean Sea.

The 25th of October 2019 we will be celebrating an evening full of food, guests, performances, videoclips and music!

7 pm: Handmade food and typical specialities from different regions of Italy offered by a generous chain of Berlin’s best Italian Restaurants. The first drink (beer or spritz) will be offered by 800A.

8 pm: Discussion with our guests about their everyday commitment on board and about the encounter with people escaping from war and poverty, and hoping for a possible future in Europe.

10.30 pm: Don't forget to come with comfortable shoes, there will be dancing and DJ set!

ERASMO PALAZZOTTO - crew member and captain of different rescue missions, and deputy of the Italian Parliament.
NOUR HOSS - comedian fled in two years from two different war zones (Ukraine and Syria).

Price: 10€ per person (all proceeds will be donated to Mediterranea).

Very special thanks to our very special sponsors:


Stay tuned for updates, see you the 25th of October 2019!

Open Alternative
31.10 um 19:00
Berlin is FULL of unique entertainers and we wish to give them a stage to show you what they are made of.
Each performer gets up to 7 minutes to speak, dance, sing, mime, show their short film, whatever it is they fancy doing.

Click discusssion above.
Choose a timeslot.
Write your name in the comments.
This will be your allocated time.

Before the show we are hosting Pentagame.
A board game of no luck, just skill and no over complicated rules so even it´s totally cool to play in any language (including drunk).
Find more details at
Demonic Games Night with Pentagame.

Live to Play! - Student Show!
10.11 um 18:00
For 8 weeks, your friends and loved ones have been learning how to become improvisors, both on-and-off-stage, in order to live brighter, fuller, more exciting lives!

Now it's time for them to show off their new-found and hard-won improv skills in a Live Improv Show sure to dazzle, amaze, and have you howling with laughter!

Join us in celebrating the end of our 8 week "Live to Play!" Beginner and Intermediate courses with a FREE Improv Show where you'll get the chance to see your friends and loved ones take the stage and brighten up the room through hilarious improv games!

See the schedule for a detailed look at the lineup

What is the show format?
Improv Death Match

Two improv teams battle it out through hilarious improv games, vying for the audience's applause to rack up points!

A designated Referee makes sure there's no hitting below the belt, as the teams compete using audience suggestions to get the most laughs!

Two teams Enter. One Team Leaves. You decide their fate!

Stick around for Drinks and Merry Making

After the show, we'll carry on the good mood and happy vibes by celebrate these new improvisors with lots of drinks and merrymaking!

Bring your friends, and prepare yourself for a wonderful night of celebration and laughter!

In partnership with Berlin English Improv Network and Comedy in English Berlin.