Stoffwechsel Teil 2 - Karrabing Film Collective
Um 11:00 silent green
As part of the Stoffwechsel project by Film Feld Forschung, silent green and Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art present a retrospective of the Karrabing Film Collective. From Wednesday (August 21) until Sunday (August 25), its new audio and video installation 24 HOURS is shown in the courtyard of silent green.

Opening: Tuesday, August 20, 6pm
Wednesday, August 21 – Sunday, August 25
open: 11am–8pm

24 Hours presents an outdoor preview of a Karrabing audio and video project exploring the ordinary obstacles Indigenous families face as they move through an ordinary day. Across four video panels, arranged to follow the path of the sun, a sonic landscape is layered with lyrics written by the collective and music directed by its younger members. 24 Hours dramatizes and satirizes the settler forms of governance and extractive capitalism that Karrabing members encounter over the course of a day.


As part of the exhibition, Arsenal Institute shows further works by the Karrabing Film Collective:

Wednesday, August 21, 8pm at Arsenal Cinema

Thursday, August 22, 8pm at Arsenal Cinema


The Karrabing Film Collective is an indigenous media collective founded in 2010 and based at the upper end of the Northern Territory in Australia. They see themselves as a grassroots movement which uses its aesthetic practice as a means of self-organization. Their films show their lives, forge links to their land, and intervene in the global image of indigenousness. Their artistic language, situated between fiction and documentary as well as history and the present can be understood as a new form of collective indigenous action. The medium of film is a form of survival strategy – a refusal to renounce their own land and a means of exploring the social conditions of inequality.

With Stoffwechsel, a series of events, workshops, and exhibitions dealing with the materiality of film as a medium of memory and earth as an archive, Film Feld Forschung pursues its goal of using the interior and exterior spaces of silent green for theoretical and practical research into the medium of film.

Comizi D’amore oder Liebe in Zeiten des Kapitalismus
Um 12:00 Galerie Wedding

Konstanze Schmitt in Zusammenarbeit mit Minze Tummescheit. Performance von Mariana Senne.

Eine performative Recherche im Rahmen des Ausstellungsprogrammes SoS (Soft Solidarity), konzipiert von Nataša Ilić und Solvej Helweg Ovesen und der KGB-Woche

15. - 30.08.2019

Di – Sa 12-19 Uhr in der Galerie Wedding und Umgebung

Was ist das für ein Gefühl im Kapitalismus zu leben? Und welcher Handel wird in der Liebe betrieben?

Diesen Überlegungen wird die Künstlerin Konstanze Schmitt gemeinsam mit der Filmemacherin Minze Tummescheit und der Performerin Mariana Senne im August 2019 in einer an Pier Paolo Pasolinis filmische Befragung »Comizi d'amore/Gastmahl der Liebe« (Italien, 1964) angelehnten militanten Untersuchung nachgehen, die zugleich eine Intervention in den öffentlichen Raum des Wedding darstellt.

Pasolini reiste für seinen 1963 entstandenen Dokumentarfilm ein halbes Jahr durch Italien und befragte Menschen auf dem Land, in der Stadt und am Strand, Alte und Junge, Arme und Reiche, ganz direkt nach der »Liebe« und ihren Umständen, z.B.: Woher kommen die Kinder? Wie wichtig ist sexuelle Erfüllung in einer Partnerschaft? Was bedeutet Homosexualität? Warum gibt es Prostitution? Etc.

Schmitts performative Recherche fragt dagegen hauptsächlich nach dem Verhältnis von romantischer Liebe und Kapitalismus sowie dem Verständnis und der Herstellung von Solidarität als gesellschaftlicher Beziehungsweise gestern und heute.

Die Dérives durch die aktuelle und historische Liebeslandschaft des Wedding werden von den Künstlerinnen während der Zeit der Recherche fortlaufend zu den Öffnungszeiten in den Räumen der Galerie Wedding kartographiert und performativ verarbeitet. Alle Interessierten sind herzlich eingeladen, an diesem Prozess punktuell oder dauerhaft teilzunehmen.

Comizi d’amore knüpft an Konstanze Schmitts künstlerische Beschäftigung mit Reproduktion, Solidarität und selbstorganisierter (Arbeiter-)Kultur an. Sie ist der erste Teil einer dreiteiligen Arbeit zur Liebe im Kapitalismus, die im Februar 2020 ihren Abschluss in einer Ausstellung in der Galerie Wedding hat.

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung der Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa, Fonds für Ausstellungsvergütungen und dem Arbeitskreis der Kommunalen Galerien Berlin.






Konstanze Schmitt in cooperation with Minze Tummescheit. Performance by Mariana Senne.

A performative research within the framework of the exhibition program SoS (Soft Solidarity), conceived by Nataša Ilić and Solvej Helweg Ovesen and the KGB Kunstwoche.

15. - 30.08.2019

Tue - Sat 12-19 at Galerie Wedding and surroundings

What is that feeling about living in capitalism? And what trade is made in love?

The artist Konstanze Schmitt, together with the filmmaker Minze Tummescheit and the performer Mariana Senne, will pursue these considerations in August 2019 in a militant investigation based on Pier Paolo Pasolini's film »Comizi d'amore/ Love Meeting« (Italy, 1964), which at the same time represents an intervention in the public space of Wedding.

For his 1963 documentary Pasolini travelled through Italy for half a year and interviewed people in the countryside, in the city and on the beach, old and young, poor and rich, directly about »love« and its circumstances, for example: Where do the children come from? How important is sexual fulfillment in a partnership? What does homosexuality mean? Why is there prostitution? Etc.

Schmitt's performative research, on the other hand, mainly examines the relationship between romantic love and capitalism, as well as the understanding and creation of solidarity as a social orbit yesterday and today. The dérives through the current and historical love landscape of Wedding are continuously mapped and performatively processed by the artists during the time of the research during the opening hours in the rooms of the Wedding Gallery. All interested parties are cordially invited to participate in this process either selectively or permanently.

Comizi d'amore takes up Konstanze Schmitt's artistic engagement with reproduction, solidarity and self-organized (worker) culture. It is the first part of a three-part work on love in capitalism, which will conclude in February 2020 with an exhibition at Galerie Wedding.

With kind support of the Senate Department for Culture and Europe, Berlin, funds »Ausstellungsvergütungen« and the working comittee of the communal galleries Berlin.

ISUSU · Connection with Nature · Film · Workshop
Um 18:30 be'kech
** This event is part of ISUSU Pan-African Festival 2019 · Black to the Future **

🎤 'ISUSU' means 'us' in Shona. This festival aims to bring us together as Africans* (diaspora) to celebrate ourselves while shedding lights on an intersectional, sustainable and queer Africa. ✨🌈

· Film Screening · workshop

WED, Aug 21th, 2019
🕢 Start: 18:30 h

**Location **
🗣🗣 This event will take place at Each One Teach One (EOTO) e.V.

Culture plays a significant role in conserving the environment in many countries in Africa. Through indigenous knowledge which exists as stories, songs, folklore, proverbs, cultural values, norms, beliefs, rituals, local languages and agricultural practices there is strong evidence that Africans have always sought to live sustainably within their environment. These traditional or cultural practices are ingeniously designed to address local ecological limitations by maintaining a sustainable utilization and protection of commonly shared natural resources.

The evening will kick off with the screening of the film Ayɛwohomumɔ, a short, poetic portrait of winter and the “winter blues”. Thereafter, Patrick Mpedzisi will explore some of those proverbial learnings, the totemic approaches and the spiritual underpinnings which highlight the environmental protection philosophies of the Shona people in particular as well as the bantus in general. Proverbs have provided advisory, reflective and philosophical foundations upon which sustainable lifestyles were premised. With over 25 totems that can be identified in Zimbabwe upon which taboos were built in order to nurture sustainable use of natural resources. Spiritual practices also encompassed a profound reverence for the relationship between humans and the environment. Thandiwe Majama, a social entrepreneur promoting Eco-conscious behaviour within communities through fashion and community activities, will also join the conversation.

► About Ayɛwohomumɔ (You Have Made Yourself Wretched)

Looking out her window at one of Europe's rainiest cities, a self-described pluviophile (lover of rain) reminisces about the tropical storms of her Ghanaian childhood. Drawing upon Akan traditions for naming the months, Ayɛwohomumɔ is a short, poetic portrait of winter and the “winter blues” in Belgium.

*Scroll down for participant bios and for more information on the schedule, donations and accessibility of be'kech. Looking forward to welcoming you all!*


· Nnenna Onuoha ·

Nnenna is a Ghanaian-Nigerian with a passion for words and moving images. Her work examines moments of encounter between her West African heritage and the various elsewheres she also calls home. Nnenna holds degrees in Anthropology, History, and Documentary Filmmaking from Harvard University, the University of Cambridge, and DocNomads respectively. She currently works as a Researcher/Visual Anthropologist at the Humboldt Universität and Museum für Naturkunde.

· Patrick Mpedzisi (Zimbabwe) ·

Patrick Mpedzisi is an organisational development consultant with over 18 years’ experience in the Non Profit Sector. During this time he opened up various processes for CSOs in Africa to engage in regional processes. He has managed major CSO initiatives, led regional campaigns and built civil society capacities across the continent. He now focuses on building NGO capacities to be more effective and responsive to their challenges. A lawyer by profession, he also founded, a platform for restoring, preserving and celebrating African culture and identity and promoting ownership of the evolution of culture.

· Thandiwe Majama (Botswana) ·

Thandiwe is a social activist turned social entrepreneur by founding her venture T-Recs, a sustainable fashion brand that aims to inspire Eco-conscious behaviour within communities through fashion and community activities. Thandiwe has over 5 years experience working with and organizing community engagements activities as volunteer for an organization called Youth Alliance for Leadership and Development in Africa (YALDA), where she recently facilitated the translation of the SDGs into a local language-Setswana and is part of the team that currently runs an SDG monitoring and evaluation initiative called the Citizen’s Report.


🍻 This event is free to attend and open to all - donations are strongly recommended, as all proceeds will be going towards the artists and speakers.

Each One Teach One (EOTO) e.V.
Togostraße 76,
13351 Berlin


We have no place for sexism, queerphobia, transphobia, any form of racism or discrimination such as anti-Muslim and anti-Jewish racism, and any sort of violent or aggressive behaviour. be'kech is a safe space for all, an open forum for dialogue, criticism and a place where we stand up for each other. If someone/something is bothering you, please approach a member of staff who are here to help!

· LINKS · 📎

Twitter: @MitupoOrg
Photo: @dazzle_jam

✏ For media and press inquiries, please contact us at (DE/EN/FR)

Premiere zum Kinostart: Die Einzelteile der Liebe
Um 19:30 City Kino
Die Einzelteile der Liebe
Premiere zum Kinostart in Anwesenheit des Filmteams mit Filmgespräch!
Kurz nachdem Sophie hochschwanger von ihrem Freund sitzengelassen wird, lernt sie Georg kennen – und lieben. Georg wird für den neu geborenen Jakob wie selbstverständlich zum Vater. Die zusammengesetzte Familie hat mit den üblichen Problemen moderner Eltern zu kämpfen: Wer darf arbeiten, wer kümmert sich ums Kind? Wie viel Freiheit ist noch erlaubt, wie viel Selbstaufgabe muss sein? Und wo bleibt bei alledem die Leidenschaft? Ein paar Jahre später sind Georg und Sophie getrennt. Jakob ist sechs Jahre alt, die Eltern kämpfen verbissen um das Sorgerecht. Ausgerechnet Sophies neuer Partner fängt an, zwischen den Fronten zu vermitteln. Miriam Bliese erzählt in ihrem Debütfilm klug, humorvoll, mit viel Zärtlichkeit für ihre Figuren und mit einem sehr besonderen Setting über die Komplikationen einer endenden Liebe. Eine symbolisch wichtige Rolle spielt hier eine Gegensprechanlage, aber seht selbst!

DE 2019, R: Miriam Bliese, D: Birte Schnöink, Ole Lagerpusch, Andreas Döhler, L: 97 min., FSK: ab 12

Giorgos Fragos
Giorgos Fragos

Mozart - Sonate c-moll KV 457
Beethoven - Sonate C-Dur Op. 53 "Waldstein"
Debussy - Images livre II
Liszt - Dante Sonate
Tickets 20€ incl.drinks

Urban Base Jam @Panke (Summer Sessions)
Um 20:00 Panke
The Urban Base Community is hosting Jams every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month at Panke in Wedding. We welcome you to join us. Vocalists and instrumentalists this is the perfect place to collaborate and create bands. Artists and music lovers this is for you.

21st of August @8 p.m. - 3 a.m. LIVE
w/ Joel Holmes & the Urban Base Community Band

>>> Urban Base play live sessions of Hip Hop, Neo Soul, Funk, Jazz, Future, Afro, Electro, Singer Songwriter and feel good music. You are in for a treat !

Entry -
5 euros 8pm-10pm (6 Euros after 10pm)
Musicians 5 euros,

8 pm -Doors open
Urban Base warm up DJ Set -

10:00pm Konzert begin
program: The Urban Base house band opens the session

10:30pm- Jam Session

1:30am -Late night DJ set:

What is the Urban Base Community?

The Urban Base ist eine Gemeinschaft, geschaffen, um dazu beizutragen, einigen der feinsten Talenten
Berlins aus allen Bereichen der urbanen Kunst und Kultur bei der Erreichung der internationalen Präsenz zu
verhelfen. Unser Focus liegt auf Kontaktknüpfungn, dem anbieten urbaner Events und der Bildung von

Urban Base Community Goal : Wir planen, mindestens 3 Events (einen Workshop und 2 audiovisuelle Vorstellungen) monatlich für die Gemeinschaft anzubieten. DIY (Do It Yourself) und DIWO (Do It With Others) Workshops, Vorträge und Kurse von Fachleuten der Branche, Treffen für Information / dem Teilen von Erfahrungen und Jam-Sessions für Künstler und Anfänger. Die urbane Kultur verdient es, hervorgehoben zu werden und Teil der Geschichte zu werden. Unserer Ansicht nach, ist das Projekt von Kultur- und Zeitgeschichte. Unser Webportal wird deswegen nicht nur eine Kommunikationsbrücke, sondern auch ein Archiv sein, mit Zugang zu Videos von unseren Workshops, Konzerten etc.


Burning (OmU)
Um 22:00 City Kino
Nach seinem Studium kehrt der junge Jongsu in sein Heimatdorf zurück. Ein zufälliges Wiedertreffen mit seiner Schulkameradin Haemi führt zu einer gemeinsamen Nacht. Jongsus Gefühle sind geweckt, doch der Zeitpunkt ist ungünstig – Haemi steht kurz vor einem lange geplanten Trip nach Afrika. Sehnsüchtig erwartet Jongsu den Tag ihrer Rückkehr. Am Flughafen trifft er Haemi jedoch nicht alleine an. Auf der Reise hat sie den wohlhabenden und mysteriösen Ben kennengelernt, der von nun an nicht mehr von ihrer Seite weicht. Als Haemi plötzlich spurlos verschwindet, stürzt die verzweifelte Suche nach ihr Jongsu in ein Labyrinth aus Misstrauen und Paranoia.
„Umso größer das Glück, wenn man ab und an daran erinnert wird, dass es auch anders geht und noch Filme jenseits der Fließbandproduktion mit ihren standardisierten Zutaten gedreht werden. So wie zum Beispiel der südkoreanische Liebesthriller "Burning" von Lee Chang-dong, der zum Besten gehört, was man dieses Jahr im Kino sehen kann.“ (Süddeutsche Zeitung)
KR 2019, R: Lee Chang-Dong, D: Yoo Ah-In, Steven Yeun, Jeon Jong-seo u.a., L: 148 min., FSK: ab 16

Vom 16.08 bis Sonntag
ISUSU Pan-African Festival 2019 · Black to the Future
(Deutsch? Bitte schreibt uns an

ISUSU 2019 Black to the Future · A Pan-African Festival

▪️ 16 - 24 AUGUST, 2019 ▪️


Join us in promoting better representation! 🖤


In the heart of Berlin, ISUSU Festival will launch as one of its kind featuring 40+ extraordinary artists, activists and changemakers hailing from Germany, Europe and the African continent, including Patrick Mpedzisi (Zimbabwe), Levinia Pienaar (South Africa), Thandiwe Majama (Botswana) and Wafaa Al Badry (Egypt).

🎤 'ISUSU' means 'us' in Shona. This festival aims to bring us together as Africans* (diaspora) to celebrate ourselves while shedding lights on an intersectional, sustainable and queer Africa (paying homage to the late author and activist Binyavanga Wainaina). 🌈

Across the three themes of Afrofuturism, Pan-African Storytelling and Climate Justice, the festival will entertain 11 events, including performances, film screening, an Afrovegan pop up brunch, panel discussions, live music and much more. ✨

This festival is organised by be'kech and curated by Nora Chirikure and Alexandra Dorisca. ✨

Please see below for the (working) programme, and make sure to check back regularly to see an update of events!



▪️ 16, FRIDAY at be'kech
ISUSU · Pan-African Festival · Grand Opening
19:30 · Vernissage, Poetry, Fashion Show & Music

▪️ 17, SATURDAY at be'kech
ISUSU · Co-creative Dialogue & Movement of Oppression · Workshop
14:00 · Co-creative Workshop · Community Event
ISUSU · Black to the Future · Opening Party
21:00 · Afrofuturistic Party, Live Music & DJs

▪️ 18, SUNDAY at be'kech
ISUSU · Afro-Vegan Pop Up Brunch · Talk
11:00 · Food & Talk
ISUSU · 'Home' Film Screening · Discussion
19:30 · Short Film Screenings · Q&A

▪️ 19, MONDAY at iac Berlin
ISUSU · Pan-African Storytelling · Open Bar
18:30 · Panel Discussion, Reception & Networking

▪️ 20, TUESDAY at be'kech
ISUSU · Queer Africa* & Herstory
19:30 · #TuesdayTalks, Panel Discussion & Music

▪️ 21, WEDNESDAY · at Each One Teach One (EOTO) e.V.
ISUSU · Connection with Nature · Film · Workshop
18:30 · Film Screening · Workshop

▪️ 23, FRIDAY · at be'kech
ISUSU · Homage to Binyavanga · Readings · Music
20:00 · Readings, Poetry & Live Music

ISUSU · German Colonial History Walking Tour · Kofi Shakur
15:00 · Starting point at U Afrikanische Straße
ISUSU · Closing Party · at be'kech
21:00 · Live Music, Poetry, Spoken Word & lit DJs


🍻 All events are free to attend and open to all - donations are strongly recommended, as all proceeds will be going towards the artists and speakers.


be'kech [anticafé · coworking space · bar]
Exerzierstr. 14
13357 Berlin- Wedding
(U8 + U9/ Pankstr., Osloer Str.)


We have no place for sexism, queerphobia, transphobia, any form of racism or discrimination, and any sort of violent or aggressive behaviour. be'kech is a safe space for all, an open forum for dialogue, criticism and a place where we stand up for each other. If someone/something is bothering you, please approach a member of staff who are here to help!


There are three steps to enter be’kech and the bathrooms are on the lower level. Regrettably, the bathrooms are inaccessible for wheelchair users due to the design of the building.

Whilst the bathrooms are gendered by law, we encourage guests to use whichever facilities they identify with. Bathroom policing will not be tolerated.

✏ For media and press inquiries, please contact us at (DE/EN)

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