Live at be'kech: ZIS.
Um 19:00 be'kech
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Live- Konzert im be'kech- jeden Donnerstag
►24. Mai mit ZIS.

ZIS. ist eine vielfältige Singer/Songwriterin aus Berlin/Potsdam. Ihre Musik ist ein Mix aus Pop und Rock Songs mit frischem Sound und Einflüssen aus dem Folk, den sie als ihre musikalischen Wurzeln bezeichnet. Live besticht ZIS. mit Lagerfeuerromantik in der Stimme und einem Touch Retro, der im Kontrast zu ihren metaphorischen und eher dunklen Texten steht. ZIS. startete mit “Mind in Motion” im Januar 2016, die Veröffentlichung ihrer zweiten EP „Broken Compass“ erfolgt im Frühling 2018.

- Kommt vorbei und unterstützt Live Musik.
- Jedes Konzert ist ein Erlebnis.

Entritt ist kostenlos – Spenden sind willkommen

Live concert at be'kech- every Thursday
►May 24th with ZIS.

ZIS. is a versatile singer/songwriter from Berlin/Potsdam. Her music is a mixture of Pop and Rock Songs with a fresh sound and folk influences, referring to her musical roots. Performing Live, ZIS. convinces with campfire-romance in her voice and a touch of retro, that contrasts her metaphorical and mainly dark-coloured lyrics. ZIS. started with „Mind in Motion“ in January 2016, the Release of her second EP „Broken Compass“ will follow this spring.

- Come by and support live music.
- Every concert is a moment.

Admission is free – donations are welcome

Art & Pizza
Um 19:00 DruckBar Wedding
Frischer Siebdruck + heiße Pizza = Art & Pizza in der DruckbarWedding

Ab 19 Uhr könnt ihr wieder -wie jeden Donnerstag- einen Siebdruck kaufen und bekommt dazu eine gratis Pizza.

St. Beaufort Trails & Guns Record Release Concert
Um 19:30 silent green
On 24 May 2018, St. Beaufort proudly presents their new studio album TRAILS & GUNS.

Limited Early-bird Tickets at

Doors 19:30pm

Recorded in an isolated farmhouse in the German countryside, St. Beaufort‘s love of storytelling explores new territory on this new album. The band returns to their roots. They explore legends close to Joe’s home in the American Southwest and color this movement by expanding on their core sound with waves of orchestrated instrumentation, such as fiddle, horn, or bassoon. Lyrically, day to day themes of a desk jobs are juxtaposed against the harsh background of desert prospecting and the constant drive westward. Dramatic tales are brought into the harsh light of loss experienced by the story’s sideline characters. The album tells a story of greed and conflict, of immigrants and natives, of searchers and dreamers. A multitude of precarious paths lie ahead of every quest, but while there is a darkness at times, the album questions the fatalistic view and eventually points to hope. Trails & Guns was produced by Tomás Peralta and mixed and mastered at Candy Bomber Studio in Berlin. The album will be released on Blue Whale Records (digital/CD/vinyl).

St. Beaufort is a multinational roots-americana trio based out of Berlin. Founded in 2014 and drawn together by a passion for acoustic music and storytelling, their energetic performance has captured the hearts of audiences at some 150 concerts all the way from the Scottish Highland down to Sicily. Their sound builds on a foundation of banjo, guitar and upright bass, while sharing lead vocals and backing harmonies. They craft songs with a driving intensity that transports listeners to wilder places and simpler times. St. Beaufort consists of Henric Hungerhoff, Tomás Peralta, and Joe Jakubczyk, hailing respectively from Germany, Chile, and the USA.

Von Dienstag bis zum 03.06
Ausstellung von Joanna Hofbauer
Ausstellung von Joanna Hofbauer
Eine spannende Einzelausstellung zum Thema Frau und Lust

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